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Available at the IRIS Centre is equipment to help with everyday living, from threading needles to cooking a meal.

We can supply talking watches and clocks, large print playing cards and various other games. We can even supply a talking microwave! You can return anything you buy within 14 days if you find it unsuitable or unhelpful - we'll give you a complete refund if the item is undamaged and in its original packaging.

There are numerous items of equipment which can help people with a visual impairment, from simple signature guides which help you sign cheques and letters through to more sophisticated
(and expensive) items of new technology which enable computers to speak to you or letters, books and magazines to be magnified and presented to you for easy reading on your TV screen. There is also much between these two extremes, including clocks and watches that speak the time (and if need be, the date); cooking and healthy living aids such as talking kitchen scales (and personal weighing scales if you wish) through to measuring utensils, talking microwaves, pill organisers, personal timers and simple bump-ons which are small adhesive rubber dots which you can use as tactile markers to show you (by feel) the temperature dial on your oven or the on/off button on an item of equipment.

We also want you to enjoy life, so we stock a large supply of anti-glare sunglasses for when you’re out and about as well as supplies of large print cards and board games for when you’re in. We even have in stock some tactile dominoes and large piece jigsaws, and a rich variety of task lighting and large dial telephones which plug simply into your existing phone system.

IRIS is a trading partner of the Royal National Institute of the Blind (RNIB) and can order for you items from their online shop at . Contact the IRIS offices for details.

All available to purchase at reasonable prices from our Vision Resource Centre in Chapel Street Crewe.

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